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Our courses for all the Emerging Technologies are quick, project based and focused towards a particular role. Enroll now and give wings to your career.

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Learn by realistic project experience, Industry Oriented, job focused, experiential and role-based education
Project Based Curriculum

University of Emerging Technologies has a well structured project based curriculum which gives necessary experience in the field right out of training.

Micro Degree

Courses on Emerging Technologies are quick, role based and can be bundled into Micro Degrees.

Blockchain Powered Certification

University of Emerging Technologies provides Blockchain based certification for all the courses.

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University of Emerging Technologies organizes recruitment drives across the globe to get certificate holders quickly employed.

A step towards success

University of Emerging Technologies is an online university which provides certification courses (micro/nano degrees), executive education, white labeled course delivery for partners and internship programs for our students with project based and experiential learning methodology enabled by industry experts in various Emerging Technology fields.

  • Collaboration with The Emerging Tech Foundation
  • Curriculum approved by industry leaders
  • Learn what the market wants
  • Globally recognized courses

Prepare to step up to the next level

University of Emerging Technologies provides certification courses (micro/nano degrees), executive education, white labeled course delivery for partners and internship programs for our students. Our well structured curriculum is what the market needs. Students will possess job-ready skills with all the required practical knowledge.

  • Collaboration with Global Universities
  • Short Certification Courses
  • Upskilling and Executive Education
  • White labeled course delivery for partners
  • Imparting knowledge through Experiential Learning
  • Real time industry projects

Personalised career plan

University of Emerging Technologies provides the overall career support to the students which helps them in experiential learning. Complete career counselling and guidance, customized mentorship program. In our micro/nano degree courses we provide the complete session to make you all set for the job interviews. Hassle free learning wherever and whenever you want. “University that never sleeps”  

  • Soft skills Pro Training
  • Maximizing potential through individual attention.
  • Trusted name for specialized training.
  • People teach. People learn. This is where they connect.

For flexible and quick learning

When students enroll in University of Emerging Technologies’ micro/nano degree program, they have to complete the entire course module followed by all the online sessions, quizzes, and projects. After completion of the course module, if a student clears the exam for the respective program, the student will be qualified for the degree. Courses can also be bundled into micro degrees. University of Emerging Technologies’ short certificate courses are recognized in all countries. Nowhere is it less than a normal degree program offered by any recognized university. Students of University of Emerging Technologies will be independently certified by The Emerging Tech Foundation. Students, who complete their program and get certified, will be updated by the industry experts with the latest developments in their respective fields. This gives students an edge over the rest of their peers in the job market as well.

Learn from the best

University of Emerging Technologies provides Role based education, Experiential learning, Live classes, 24*7 Live labs and Live support and  Personalized machines. Students have access to real life projects, industry oriented and job focused content along with career prep support. Certification courses offered can also be bundled into micro degrees.