Artificial intelligence for peace 



Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to humanity? 

As said by John McCarthy in 1995, artificial intelligence is the "science and engineering of making intelligent machines." AI uses computer science to replicate human thoughts actions and make them capable enough to solve and anticipate problems. In today's century, AI has tremendous potential for good and evil purpose.AI is critical for the future development of humanity as AI turns a helping hand towards society. Still, on the other hand, it can play the role of disaster very well; moreover, the only threat which can potentially replace humanity is AI. For instance, Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked with the use of AI.

As the frequency of hacking secured transitions like blockchain has increased significantly further with the help of advanced technology, more and more security holes appear in cryptocurrency and smart contract platforms.


Peace in the age of artificial intelligence 

Initially, people saw numerous AI applications specifically designed for war, but on the contrary, Artificial intelligence can be used for peace as well. Many organizations like Omdena are using AI significantly to solve global problems and improve the quality of the human lifestyle.

Problems that can be solved by using Artificial intelligence

Preventing online violence against children, modeling economic well being by using AI, increasing solar energy adoption through rooftop detection of solar panels, AI for disaster response, fighting machine learning through machine learning, preventing gang violence through social media, fighting misinformation using Machine Learning, and using AI for Conflict detection.


Pushing the boundaries of AI

Humans have limitations when it comes to space exploration; furthermore, exploring our universe might take more than 1000 years in space, which is way beyond human lifespan, but with the use of AI, we can push the boundaries further by deploying machines using true AI embedded in it for space exploration. The use of AI has been increasing at an unprescribed pace, with the current market valued at $2 billion. SpaceX and NASA are the leading companies when it comes to space exploration. Furthermore, SpaceX Musk's rocket company is now valued at $46 billion, making Elon musk the richest man in the year 2021. To put it another way, AI has high potential when used for peace and can play a significant role in a scientific breakthrough but, on the other hand, can also play a significant role in global destruction if used for war. 


  •  January, 23, 2021
  • Kushal Burad
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