Beer Brewing And AI


Artificial intelligence is helping us in almost all the manufacturing processes and beer brewing is no different. Brewing a beer involves science with which AI lends a helping hand. In the late 2010s, breweries started exploring the use of AI in the automation and formulation of beer.

Queue IntelligentX

IntelligentX has created the worlds first beer brewing algorithm using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help formulate beer recipes. It improves itself through customer feedback. It uses an algorithm to determine what consumers like and dislike about beer and then brews new versions finely tuned to peoples taste.

IntelligentX creates four kinds of beer namely

  • Black AI

  • Golden AI

  • Amber AI

  • Pale AI

A link is printed on the beer bottles/ cans which allows users to express their opinion and feedback. This data is then processed by an algorithm that helps the brewer decide the recipe for a new beer.

Carlsberg’s Beer Fingerprinting project

Carlsberg and Microsoft are working together on the beer fingerprinting project which is meant to measure and sense aromas in a beer. This technology will be helping in distinguishing between the flavours developed in the Carlsberg laboratory every day. 

Robotic Barkeep

Foam is a dominant factor in supplying flavour in a freshly poured beer. RoboBeer is a robot that can pour beer in a pristine manner to maintain foam consistency. The algorithm developed could predict with a staggering 80 per cent accuracy whether a particular person liked beer’s foam height. The data collected by RoboBeer helped predict beer likability with an accuracy of 90 per cent.

The rising demand in the beverage industry urges them to employ artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to give them an edge over their counterparts. It helps the brewmaster in developing new recipes and predicting their likability. A graceful collaboration between modern technology and conventional tools can help good deliver good quality beer and lead to rapid advancements in the brewing industry.


  •  April, 09, 2021
  • Ieesha Deshmukh
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