Dangers of Robotics

There is a significant increase in technology advancement which occurs to be useful in our everyday life and the workplace. An example is the invention of robots which has overall proven to be very useful and has also helped in maximizing efficiency with a reduction in the human hazard of the workplace. However, they pose threats to human and also in the workplace which is further discussed below

  1. Increase in the scarcity of jobs: with the advantage of maximum efficiency and the ability to work better and faster than humans, they are more preferred to humans and it, therefore, makes humans capable lose their jobs
  2. Restriction: since robots are products of programming, they are rigid to the command given to them and execute the task alone, also they give no room for flexibility unlike humans who can think of better ways to improve the workforce.
  3. Adverse effect on interpersonal relationship: robots are machines, they do not have emotion or the ability to think or initiate a process on their own, if these robots are on the increase, it will have a diminishing effect on human interaction
  4. Increase the risk of cyber Hack: the use of machines to handle sensitive and important information can be risky due to the risk of hacking and therefore cause the machine to misbehave
  5. Lack of genuinely: the evolving of robots will make humans less dependent on themselves and their true abilities thus increase their dependency on robots for support and task execution
  6. Complexity: understanding the language used in sending information to the machine requires expertise and thus a lack of knowledge or control of robotic work processes
  7. Health Hazards: there will be an increase in the use of lasers, electromagnetic fields which are hazardous to human health and thus might lead to death.
  •  May, 17, 2021
  • Olayemi Rotimi
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