How can remote teams maintain effectiveness


While it may be astounding that we can now have virtual meetings with people in different locations, it can also be frustrating leading to the poor performance of a team. These frustrations can cause  adverse effects on the productivity of the employees reducing their morale engagement and innovation. When changes in the ways we communicate lead to changes in how others perceive our communication this calls for a new set of protocols and behaviors. So while working remotely there are some key points you should keep in mind in order to excel the efficiency of your team.

Set a proper communication protocol 

First, since clarity and consistency are key, sticking to the set of agreed-upon norms can help avoid confusion. This can include the acronym about expected response time, which standardized communication protocol should be used. One can never be too clear unless you’ve established a shorthand protocol ahead of time. Don’t assume others understand your gravity, take extra time and measures to make yourself clear.

Support your remote team members

To increase the effectiveness and productivity of your virtual team everyone needs to show their support by making regular connections with each other. There are number of strategies you can use to support and encourage your teammates.  The first is to stay connected make sure they are just a message away. Ensure your teammates check the chat tools multiple times a day so they do not miss notifications or important messages. Ask everyone’s input and feedback and encourage them to open up this makes sure that they stay engaged helping to keep the team around high, gives you perspectives on what’s working and what isn’t.  

Use communication platforms wisely

Don’t bombard your team with messages. Each email, text, or call imagine that you are physically walking into your colleague’s workspace. If you followed up an email with a text and call it'll be like opening their office door thrice in that short span of time. Your message should be short and informative. The longer the message the more ignorant it becomes.

Focus on outcomes, not on an activity

It’s a little hard and inconvenient to monitor each and every aspect of the work done by a remote team. You shouldn’t try to manage every activity of your team especially when your team is distributed across different locations. So instead of focusing on the number of hours they worked or activities try to focus on the outcomes of those activities and measure your team accordingly.

The challenges of remote teams will not disappear but following consistent rules, regulations and protocol will go a long way to build a new communication skill set.

  •  March, 31, 2021
  • Hemangi Desale
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