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Interestingly, you can easily connect all groundbreaking emerging technologies in every business sphere to artificial intelligence. The entire business entities are being restructured by AI made possible by those we can term as artificial intelligence leaders. Combining various tools and techniques applied by different companies makes the AI technology more efficient and robust, like machine learning, computer vision, natural language, and cloud computing to develop techs for predictive and business analytics, deep learning, and adaptive control. More so, firms are beginning to develop their platforms to be integrated with AI, just like robotic process automation firms – newspaper printing and publishing houses is now benefiting in numerous ways.

According to the AI index made by Stanford University's Human-Centered AI Institute, academic research in AI is growing as much it is in job openings in all sectors utilizing AI, and this is currently attracting huge funding from Google and Microsoft as well as venture capitalist firms. These growing interests can be observed due to the statement made by Accenture that AI can boost rates by 38%, leading to a disruptive economic growth of $14 trillion in about fifteen years.

Even though AI gives us great benefits when engaged, it also presents us with varying challenges. As such, it is capable of bringing economic prosperity as much as it poses societal difficulties. People are already starting to lose their jobs as these techs are being implemented in different facilities.

In other to keep up with the trend of AI tech, here is a list of outstanding artificial intelligence firms that are now renowned in their business antecedents and others that have invested tremendously in artificial intelligence. Three categories of AI firms have made this possible – the leaders, the dealers, and the explorers.


The Leaders

They are tops in the industry through the market strategy of integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning on their owned cloud platforms for customers to align and reduce the cost of setting up at their facility.

1.     Amazon Web Services

2.     Google Cloud Platform

3.     IBM Cloud

4.     Microsoft Azure

5.     Alibaba Cloud


The Dealers
This category specializes in showing the various ways artificial intelligence can be used across all industrial sectors.

1.     Anduril Industries

2.     Sift

3.     Nauto

4.     Tempus

5.     Salesforce

6.     Automation Anywhere

7.     SenSat

8.     Phrasee

9.     Defined Crowd

10.   Pymetrics

11.   Siemens

12.   Socure

13.   AEye



16.   Verkada

17.   DataVisor


19.   AlphaSense

20.   Icertis

21.   Casetext

22.   Blue River Tech

23.   Nvidia

24.   Bright Machines

25.   Orbital Insight

26.   Brighterion

27.   H2O

28.   Intel

29.   Clarifai


31.   Zebra Medical Vision

32.   Iris AI

33.   Freenome

34.   Neurala

35.   Graphcore

36.   CognitiveScale

37.   iCarbonX

38.   OneModel

39.   Lobster

40.   Next IT

41.   Pointr

42.   Tencent


44.   Twilio

45.   ViSenze

46.   SenseTime

47.   Flatiron Health

48.   Deep 6

49.   Directly

50.   Element AI



53.   Big Panda

54.   Banjo

55.   Stem

56.   Bossa Nova Robotics

57.   Tamr

58.   Xant

59.   Dataminr

60.   K Health

61.   Qualcomm

62.   HyperScience

63.   Vivint

64.   Anki

65.   Ayasdi

66.   iCarbonX

67.   CrowdStrike

68.   Cylance

69.   Tetra

70.   Nuro

71.   SoundHound

72.   Zoox

73.   Zymergen

74.   Tamr

75.   DJI

76.   HiSilicon

77.   Insitro

78.   Blue Prism

79.   Rulai


The Explorers
This category considers the future of AI in the industry. Their pattern is based on creating new paths for machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

1.     OpenAI

2.     Vicarious

3.     Ubiquity6

4.     AIBrain

5.     CloudMinds

6.     DataRobot

7.     Affectiva

8.     UiPath

9.     Algorithmia

10.   Deepmind

11.   Domino Data Lab

12.   Narrative Science



15.   Xanadu

16.   Butterfly Network


The whole idea presented by these three categories' synergy is that machines will begin to exhibit a similar kind of intelligence just as humans or even more. And it even keeps getting better because it seems like difficult tasks are now executed with utmost ease like the diagnosis of illness, proofreading, data analytics, and process automation. No doubt, more to come will focus on deep learning, where there will be a symbolic design of hybrid devices that will align reasoning based on knowledge and memory. That is to say, machines will rely on previous events to make a decision based on current activity, and so we are in high anticipation.

  •  January, 07, 2021
  • Christopher Okoh
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