Python as a Career


Python is an interpreted, high level, and general-purpose all programming language. It is one of the quickest thriving programming languages in which its advancement is steady without any barrier. Its relevancy now equals JAVA, C, C++ which tend to surpass them in the coming years because of its applicability. Python usefulness cuts across different fields and thus makes it a fertile ground to invest in skills acquisition.

Python as a programming language is easy and simple to learn with a unique feature of libraries that support data analysis, manipulation, and visualization. It has therefore evolved as the most preferred language and considered a must for professionals

Why is Python Programming Language unique?

Python programming language is unique in the following ways

  • It is simple and straightforward which makes it comprehensible for beginners. In other words, it can be learned quickly
  • It has a large community that contribute to its growth
  • Due to its extensive usage, it provides an excellent career opportunity to invest in
  • It is the best programming language used for machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Python is the fastest-growing language in high-income countries


Python finds its application but not limited to the following domains:

Web development and framework, Game development, Big data, Web testing, AI/data science, Smart devices. However, mastery of the python programming language can lead you to become

1. Data scientist- to identify data sources and automate the collection, analyzing data to discover trends, design predictive models and Machine learning algorithms, performing data visualization, proposing solutions to business challenges

2. Senior data scientists- to build analytical tools to generate insights, discover patterns, and predict behaviour, Implement machine learning and statistics-based algorithms

3. DevOps Engineer- used to deploy updates and fixes, analyzing and resolve technical issues, develop scripts to automate visualization, and deliver level 2 technical support

4. Software engineer- developing existing programs, writing and testing codes, analyzing user requirements

5. Senior software engineer- develop high-quality software architecture, reviewing and debugging code, implementing version control and design patterns


According to indeed, a python programmer annual income averages $110,840. These tend to increase with increasing qualifications/certifications and also experience.

Top Companies/Organisations Using Python

  1. NASA- to develop Workflow Automation System, it is also used for APOD, API, PyTransit, PyMDP Toolbox, EVEREST
  2. Google- for its internal systems, Its APIs for report generation, lo analysis, A/Q and testing, and writing core research algorithms.
  3. IBM- to control its factory tool application
  4. Yahoo! Maps – it is used in many of its mapping lookup services and addresses
  5. Walt Disney Feature animation used to write scripts for animation

Other top companies include Nokia, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Netflix, Bank of America e.t.c

  •  April, 15, 2021
  • Olayemi Rotimi
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