Ransomware: A special case


Malware is a malicious piece of code designed by attackers given disrupting the target systems with various motives. Malware further consists of various other types corresponding to various effects for which they are potentially designed. Malware is capable of infecting the target machine or a smaller network and the complete network that might belong to one of the most reputed organizations in the world. These kinds of attacks are carried out by various motives that are not for anyone's well-being. As rightly said by Victor Hugo, 'The malicious have a dark happiness.' As time passes on, higher versions or modifications of malware are being developed to affect a larger number of people with high efficiency. Here, the efficiency concerning time and intensity meaning, causing huge damage to the victims. There are various types of malware that have already caused havoc. Every time, attackers develop different types of malware to intensify the attack, and hence, there's no end to the list of malware. 

Special case of malwares- Ransomware

Ransomware: This is a type of malware that affects one's machine adversely. Ransomware infects your computer and demands a ransom, that is, some amount of money, from the victim. In return, the attacker normalizes the victim's machine's functioning and gives back the control of the victim's machine or system to the victim. This ransom is generally huge and is demanded by the attacker for his personal monetary benefit. The following graph gives a brief overview of the damages caused by ransomware over time.

Ransomware is a special case because most of the cyber attacks are in the form of ransomware.


  •  January, 20, 2021
  • Prajakta Saraf
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