Career preparation

One might always be unsure of which domain to get into as the roles in emerging technologies are plenty. People with technology skills with relevant functional domain knowledge will have an edge over pure technologists. Learn from a host of global mentors that we provide on how different industries work and the expectations from them. You will get the right advice on choosing the right career path with a detailed 1-1 conversation with those who directly work in the industry.

Partner with us

Willing to make a difference by becoming a mentor?
If you are a subject matter expert then deepen your knowledge compass by sharing it as an educator and mentor.
Provide guidance to learners and motivate them to get into great careers.
Gain valuable leadership experience and people skills and hone your written, communication and teaching abilities. Build a great global network and meaningful relationships with people across the world.

Become an Educator

A team of Curriculum Managers will onboard you to our University's framework for creating top-quality content.
Our industry-leading production team will work with you to translate course material into highly polished video content.
You'll work with our content development team to edit, test, and iterate on your course to provide the best possible student experience.
Once your course is opened for enrollment, leverage your network of students by connecting via webinars, blogs, and other marketing channels.