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SAP ABAP is a high level language that is primarily used to develop enterprise application for large business and financial institution on SAP platform. University of Emerging Technologies’ SAP ABAP Training is designed for those who want to learn the basics of SAP ABAP and advance in the field of software development.

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Why take this Course?

ABAP enables enterprise-ready business applications and processes, and reduces total cost of development due to its integrated, self-compiling nature.
ABAP runs productively in more than 100,000 SAP customer systems.
Every year a huge number of companies are moving over to SAP software, so it will be a great Job possibility to have a career in SAP and included in implementing SAP.


ABAP Stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. It is a high-level programming language, which is developed and maintained by the SAP AG Software Company for the development of SAP applications.

ABAP is the core programming language that is used in SAP ERP software. Since it is the fourth-generation language, hence also known as ABAP/4.

The goal of this module is not to teach you SQL or database concepts but to introduce you to the SQL diversity in ABAP. In ABAP/4 programming language, there are two types of SQL being used.



Open SQL allows you to access the database tables declared in the ABAP dictionary regardless of the database platform that the R/3 system is using.

Native SQL allows you to use database-specific SQL statements in an ABAP/4 program. This means that you can use database tables that are not administered by ABAP dictionary, and therefore integrate data that is not part of the R/3 system.

SAP-ABAP supports two types of Programs - Report Programs & Dialog Programs. Report Programs are used when large amount of data needs to be displayed.

SAP script is the SAP System's own text-processing system. It looks and feels a lot like other leading text-processing systems.

It is used to print preformatted text in pre-formatted forms.

The enhancement allows the user to add their functionalities to the SAP standard applications without modifying the original application. Enhancement Framework is used to modify the standard SAP behavior as per the customer requirements. There are different ways to add custom functionalities in standard codes. User Exit and Customer Exit are among them.

One of the most important things that you shall be required to do as a SAP ABAP programmer is to perform data transfer or data migration from a legacy system to SAP system. Getting the right data migration is the most important part of the “go live” phase.

There are several data migration techniques in SAP ABAP. 

Some of the important data transfer techniques will be covered in this module:

  • ABAP Query in SAP
  • SAP ABAP BDC (Batch Data Communication)
  • ALE, EDI & IDocs Introduction & Difference
  • All About IDOC: Definition, Structure, Types & Implementation
  • RFC: Remote Function Call

Object orientation simplifies software design to make it easier to understand, maintain, and reuse. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) represents a different way of thinking in writing software.

As solutions are designed in terms of real-world objects, it becomes much easier for programmers and business analysts to exchange ideas and information about a design that uses a common domain language. The expressiveness of OOP makes it easier to deliver quality software components on time.

Web Dynpro (WD) for ABAP is the SAP standard user interface technology developed by SAP AG. It can be used in the development of web-based applications in the SAP ABAP environment that utilizes SAP development tools and concepts. It provides a front-end web user interface to connect directly to backend SAP R/3 systems to access data and functions for reporting.

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Course details

University of Emerging Technologies’ SAP ABAP course is designed for those who want to learn the basics of SAP ABAP and advance in the field of software development.

Total Duration of the course is 120 hours
Language: English

University of Emerging Technologies provides you with Role based education, experiential learning, live classes, 24*7 live labs and live support, personalized machines, real life projects, industry oriented, job focused content along with career prep support.

  • Beginners who want to familiarize themselves with the SAP ABAP technology
  • SAP Functional Consultants looking to learn ABAP skills
  • SAP Project Team members
  • SAP BASIS Consultants wanting to expand their knowledge
  • SAP BW Consultants - ABAP play a BIG part in this role
  • Professionals who want to enhance their skills in ABAP programming and development.

  • Key concepts in the Object Oriented Programming is to integrate it into SAP ABAP to implement the various applications
  • Understanding the concepts of ABAP Objects
  • Work with ABAP workbench tools
  • Understanding the program databases
  • Updating the Write object-oriented programs with ABAP
  • Working with various  techniques in enhancements and modifications
  • Creating a  simple Web Dynpro for ABAP applications

  • Basic understanding of Java programming
  • Knowledge of database technologies like PL/SQL

SAP ABAP Training Certificate

University of Emerging Technologies' SAP ABAP Training Certificate is awarded by The Emerging Tech Foundation, an Independent Not-for profit organisation globally recognised for the emerging technologies.


You will be working on the virtual live lab environment that we provide which will give you the access to all the tools and softwares required for this particular course. The stepwise guide for accessing these services will be available in the LMS and University of Emerging Technologies support team will assist you 24*7 in case you have any doubts.

This course includes eight assignment projects which will hone your skills as per current industry standards and prepare you for your future career needs.

The 2 industry-based certification projects will test your ability to work with real-world data set.

Your certification project is an opportunity for you to explore an interesting problem of your choice in the context of a real-world data set. Projects can be done by you as an individual, or in teams of 2-4 students. Educators and Academic Enablers will consult with you on your ideas, but of course the final responsibility to define and execute an interesting piece of work is yours. Your project will be worth 20% of your final class grade, and will have 4 deliverables:

  • Proposal: 1 page (10%)

  • Midway Report: 3-4 pages (20%)

  • Final Report: 5-6 pages (40%)

  • Poster Presentation: (30%)

In this course, you will learn about scenario-based examples and have hands-on experience to be able to utilize the tools and prompts.

Any computer with standard Windows and or Mac with at least 2 GB RAM and a Core-I3 processor.


Total duration of this course is 120 hours divided over a period of 6 weeks. Out of 120 hours, 60 hours are dedicated for online sessions and remaining for live practical sessions where you will be working on real life industry focused projects.

You will be spending a minimum of 12 hours for online sessions every week.

Using your LMS, you will always have access to the recorded sessions. And you can also make a special request to attend the live session in some other batch (on the basis of availability).

Virtual Lab is a cloud-based environment where you can execute all your practicals and assignments, work on real-life projects effortlessly.

Using these virtual labs, students can avail the various tools for learning, including additional resources and environment for the course. This will save students from all the hassle of downloading and maintaining these softwares in their own machine.

You’ll be able to access the virtual lab via your browser which requires minimum hardware configurations. If you are stuck somewhere, our support team is available 24*7 to help you out.

All the details to access virtual labs are available on you LMS.

You can interact with the educator during the class using the chat feature.

We provide 24*7 live support to all our students via live chat feature and email. Our academic enablers are always available to help you throughout the course.

Yes, you can interact with other students enrolled in the same course using the course forum where you can discuss about the class and the course material. In case you want to interact with students enrolled in some other course, you can do that using the common forum available for all. University of Emerging Technologies believes in community building and social learning by connecting learners to each other so that they can discuss concepts, work on projects, solve problems and share innovative ideas.

Yes, we have group projects so that students can engage with each other and share ideas.

You will be graded on the basis of weekly quizzes, assignments, lab engagements, midterm and final exams.

Our online classes are Instructor paced.

Yes, the course material is accessible to the students even after the course is over in the form or PDF documents and recorded lectures.

Yes, you will get assistance for job interviews. We have a dedicated team for career guidance and counselling.

Enrollment is a commitment between you and us in which you promise to be a successful learner and we promise to provide you with the best possible learning environment. Our sessions consist of online interactive live classes, live labs and 24*7 live support along with career prep support. Enroll with us and experience the complete learning environment instead of just a demo session.